More About zlingo

What is zlingo?

A groundbreaking and practical Online English Program that guides you step by step to start speaking English TODAY! ZLINGO is packed with fun and dynamic Speech, Listening, Writing, and Reading activities with simple explanations, structured to guarantee the best results.

Schedule and Location

You have unlimited access to Zlingo. Study without pressure, at your own leisure. Take all the time you need – no time constraints. Study as much as you want or as fast as you want. You decide. Set your schedule any way you like.

Study wherever you like too – at home, in the office, while traveling, or even at the beach… ZLINGO is accessible anywhere there’s an internet connection.

Secret to Learning

The secret to learning success is exposure. When exposed sufficiently to any topic, the mind will absorb it in a natural and effortless way, as we do with names, telephone numbers, etc., or as children also learn their native language. The activities and topics are structured to come up a frequent number of times so as to expose the memory to the topics sufficiently to secure learning.

Speaking, Listening, Reading, Writing?

Every activity has been designed to actively involve all four language Skills: Speaking, Listening, Writing, and Reading. All your language skills will be developed simultaneously.

Interactive Excercises

ZLINGO is totally interactive which means that you actively take part in every exercise by Speaking, Listening, Writing, and Reading. You are the very center of ZLINGO. ZLINGO advances at your speed and constantly provides the necessary feedback to adjust the program to your specific needs.

ZLINGO is fun and dynamic. Every activity comes with audio, illustrations, simplified explanations, interactive exercises, and on-demand translations to guarantee complete comprehension.

Personalized Programs

Zlingo will guide you through each lesson and give you constant feedback so you can focus on your specific needs. Zlingo does not pre-establish your entire program, but rather determines where you should start, and then recommends specific activities and lessons depending on your daily progress. This way, we are sure to work on the areas where you most need help rather than forcing you to follow a pre-established program.

Origin of zlingo

Our team of language experts and software-programming whizzes managed to combine scientific principles involving language acquisition and the most advanced programming technology to come up with a totally Automated Online English Program, which we call Zlingo. Zlingo is the result of years of experience in language teaching and research in teaching technology.  The goal was to create a tool that would allow students to avail of all the breakthroughs in language learning and technology; a tool that would allow students to study at their own leisure and from any location (no matter how remote); a tool that would allow students to focus on their specific needs and reach their goals. ZLINGO is that tool.