Success Stories

Architect, USA, Julia Gomez

After many years of living and working in the USA, I realized that I needed to improve my pronunciation because it was causing comprehension problems and frustration not only with my clients, but also in my daily routine. The Zlingo Pronunciation Program is like a speech coach with exercises that made a noticeable improvement in my speech. People around me started to notice the difference which motivated me to keep improving, and then I also started working on my grammar with the Grammar Program and correcting mistakes that I never realized I was making. I love Zlingo and I continue to practice with it on a regular basis.

Delta Airlines, Atlanta, Georgia, USA, Laura Dal Monte

As a flight attendant, I'm constantly on the go, so I needed a language program that I could work with wherever my job took me. I access Zlingo anywhere and any time. I can meet with my online tutor and reschedule my classes as I need. I've been able to brush up on my pronunciation and clarify a lot of gaps I've had ever since I started to learn the language. Now I'm absolutely confident when I speak English.

English Tutor, USA, Nadia Kanan

I’m an English tutor and I have found Zlingo to be an incredible teaching assistant and tool for my students to practice in between classes. I assign them specific exercises and when we meet I can see significant improvement in their performance. Zlingo is my assistant. The variety of material also lets me tailor each class to what each student truly needs. I recommend Zlingo to both teachers and students.

Universidad de Colima, Colima, Mexico, Rocío Flores López

My name is Rocío Flores López. I’ve been an English teacher for about 14 years. I work at the University of Colima in a high school, and in a Self-Access Center (SAC). When I was introduced to Zlingo for the first time, I liked it a lot because I am a very fond of the ICT or TIC in Spanish. It seemed to be so clear and easy to be used. But then, I thought about students, my students, and the students who visit the SAC. They may not have some skills to use a computer, or study by themselves. I was assigned to work with 10 students who visited the SAC regularly, 9 girls and 1 boy. All of them from different schools of the university, but the same level, level one. I asked them to participate with me in this program. They accepted. I was given an administrator account in order to add these students. It was so easy to do and I just had to wait for my students to start working with Zlingo. It was simple to manage their account in order to know how well they were working with the program. I found out they also liked Zlingo. They thought it would be so difficult, but no, it was uncomplicated with clear instructions for them, too. I don’t remember if they mentioned a problem when they were using the Zlingo platform.

Cali, Colombia, Sanchez Family

English is not my strong point, and when my daughter started to ask for help with her English homework, I panicked. That is until I found Zlingo. It’s like having a tutor at home. We look up the topics, go over the simple explanations, and with the all the practice, she’s doing better than ever at school. My husband has also become interested and even our four-year-old likes to spend time on Zlingo.