Who We Are


OUR MISSION is to offer both the tutor and the learner an effective and pleasant tool to achieve language learning and practice.

OUR PHILOSOPHY: we obsessively believe that we can achieve our mission by means of technology.

OUR VISION is to be the most widely used language learning platform in the world.

Actions speak louder than words, so the question “Who we are?” is best answered by what we have done. We, the Zlingo Team, are a group of teachers who are fanatical about teaching and technology. We have combined all of our teaching techniques and know-how under one roof: technology.

We have all traveled extensively and taught in diverse parts of the world, but we were brought together by one simple and compelling idea – technology is the best teaching tool that can assist a language tutor as well as a learner wishing to acquire communication skills in a foreign language. Availing of technology to optimize the language learning process became our goal when we created ZLINGO. We, then, set out to determine which existing technology we could benefit from and, if necessary, create new groundbreaking tools that would make the language learning process more effective, simple, and last but not least pleasant.

All modesty aside, the team achieved exactly what we endeavored to do, and then some. After four long years of writing, designing, researching, and developing, the team created ZLINGO.  Upon finishing and launching ZLINGO, we were more than satisfied with the result. ZLINGO was truly beyond what we had imagined or envisioned four years earlier. A teaching/learning platform that could assist both the tutor and the learner was far more that we could ever have pictured. All of our teaching know-how brought to instructors and students alike, and made available at any time by means of all the incredible and amazing technological breakthroughs. Technology never ceases to amaze us, and we are excited that we were able to combine education and technology in such harmony.

We are so excited about ZLINGO that we do not wish to force the spotlight away from the real star, but convention requires us to talk about us, the Zlingo Team, as well. We are all experienced language teachers, each with an area of expertise, some pragmatic and some academic. Put in simple terms some of us are specialized in grammar, others in conversational skills, others in pronunciation, as well as didactics, linguistics, applied linguistics, computer programming, design, and technology among the most relevant. Well aware that each area was equally important, the team strived for ZLINGO to effectively and efficiently cover all the language skills, and from the point of view of each of our areas of expertise.

ZLINGO is based in the U.S.A. in the beautiful sunshine state, Florida, more specifically Miami Beach, where the Zlingo Team continues to further develop ZLINGO to bring you more and diverse topics and exercises to assist you. In this sense, ZLINGO will never cease to grow so you will always have something new and exciting to look forward to. Language learning is a continuous process so you can always count on finding innovative and delightful material so learning a foreign language will be as easy and pleasant as it should be.

The Zlingo Team